Business Lunch with Juenevie

by Carol Ranas
5 minutes read
I was invited for a bloggers business lunch to hear about this new innovation in health and wellness that Juenevie has in store.

The lunch was set at Tivoli, Mandarin Oriental Hotel. We met Michelle, the woman behind Juenevie along with her mom. I didn’t expect her to be that young and very charming.

Michelle Lim

She discussed how she started Juenevie and her vision. We were able to exchange ideas and chat about everything, just like friends meeting for lunch.

We had business lunch at a function room to make it more personal. For starters, There was an appetizer buffet spread outside which consists of salads, cheese and cold cuts, oysters and others. With the appetizer buffet spread, I was almost full already.

Sushi platter, oysters, Greek salad, Pate de Campagne and Prawn salad

It was my first time tasting some of the dishes at the appetizer salad. What instantly became my favorite would be the Greek Salad. It was fresh and appetizing that I came back for second helpings along with my ever favorite oysters. (Yes, I’m such a glutton)

Then for the main course, we were asked to choose our preferred dish, the roasted cerveza negra marinated pork belly from the trolley red and green cabbage or the grilled king prawn with chorizo paella on lobster foam. I chose the prawn dish and it tasted nice.

Grilled King Prawn with chorizo paella on lobster foam

To cap off the meal, Mont Blanc with rum anglaise and crumble was served. It was too cute that I was a bit hesitant to destroy it. The dessert was sweet, just the way I like it. We were offered if we liked to have coffee or tea along with the dessert, I declined because I was too full.

Mont Blanc with rum anglaise and crumble

Upstairs, we were able to see how Juenevie Anti-Aging Home Therapy are conducted. We were able to see the line of oils they have concocted and also some of the materials used for the service.

Juenevie’s Home Therapy set-up

We weren’t able to try the massages because our time was limited, but Michelle told us that we could try it at the comfort of our home as a complementary treat. How cool was that?

Photo ops with Michelle and the pretty bloggers

I can’t wait to try Juenevie at the comfort of our home. But I am a bit worried because I am just renting a small apartment with 2 dogs, I’m not sure how it will turn out, but we’ll see what I could come out of it.

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