Finally after 6 months, My Saladbox has arrived!

by Carol Ranas
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Beauty boxes are the next best thing that trended in the beauty department. Newbies who wanted to explore the world of Beauty yet afraid to take risks will find beauty boxes as a bbig relief. How does this work? You subscribe to the service, They’ll surprise you with up-to-date beauty products that you can try. You can rave and review about it and share it through the community of beauty enthusiasts.

image from Saladbox’s Facebook page

Last Year, I decided to give beauty boxes a try. I subscribed to Saladbox, unfortunately, it didn’t meet my expectations. What Happened? Read my story below:

The only reason I subscribed to Saladbox is because they were offerring a good deal last November, during the Saladbox Beauty Fair I attended. For only Php1000, you get 4 Saladboxes. You get to take home one after the event, after choosing from their product spread at the event itself, and the other three boxes will be sent to your home every month.

It was indeed a good deal so I oblidged. I enjoyed picking some sample products at the Beauty Fair. Here’s what my first box contains:

After that, I waited patiently for the three boxes, but I got nothing. I waited till January 2015 (since it was the holiday season) for the boxes to arrive, but it didn’t. I followed up through emails about where my boxes are, but all I got was an automated email reply from one of their reps. After a month of follow up, I gave up and vowed to never ever deal with Saladbox.

After a few months, a lot of complaints were shared around social media of how a lot of customers were disappointed as well, and how many subscribers were not able to get the promised boxes. Janet Toral, an e-commerce digital marketer shed some light to what happened to Saladbox through this article. I just went into conclusion that Saladbox had filed for bankruptcy and closed down.

contents of the August box

Last August, I was shocked when a parcel came in the mail from Saladbox. I was really surprised because what it contained resembled to a beauty box.

The samples came in a small pink canvass bag, which contains the following products:

The contains were not what I expected, but I did not complain anymore because at least something arrived. So this is the second box I received, after more than 6 months.

So I was happy because I was expecting to get the remaining 2 boxes by the end of the year. The second box was for Sept-Oct, scheduled to be delivered by the end of October. It’s already November, I still didn’t get the third box. So yeah, I thought Saladbox was making up to their subscribers, but they still failed. I am beyond words on how disappointed I am with Saladbox. Did I gt my money’s worth with the two boxes I got? I don’t think so. I could’ve just used that money to subscribed to a BDJ Luxe Box and get better products.


After checking out their Facebook page, I found out that they’ve been active since January, regularly posting content in the page. They explained their side at their post here. But none of those updates reached me. So I decided to try reaching out to them again by sending an email. Hopefully I get a positive response.

Did you also get the Saladbox samples they promised? 

Let me know about your experience in the comments below!

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karen corpuz November 6, 2015 - 12:28 am

I subcribed for their 333 box… oh em geeh!!! I need new makeup pa naman.