FOODGASM goes to Maginhawa 2015: My 3 Top Picks that you need to check out

by Carol Ranas
17 minutes read
Foodgasm is a yearly event organized by the UP Economic Society which aims to introduce new food trends and budding food entrepreneur to step up in the food scene. I enjoyed my experience last year (see my post), so I did not hesitate when they invited me again this year as a Food Blogger Judge.

This year, Foodgasm became much bigger as they conquer one of the prominable food scenes in the North, Maginhawa. This is perfect because Brgy Teacher’s Village East (where Maginhawa St is located) is celebrating their 40th Anniversary. 
Despite the aweful rains Lando poured over that day, no one can stop foodies in conquering Maginhawa. The whole street was closed down for the event. Parking was difficult, we kept driving in circles until we decided to park at Manimtiman St.

WARNING: a lot of Food Photos ahead

It was a long walk before reaching the event area, and it was raining so hard. I was feeling disheartened because of the raging rain plus we were parked so far that when we arrived at the area, we were already soaking wet.
It was indeed bigger than last year for every participant gets to choose a set. The area was divided into two, Set A and Set B. The difference? Well, not so much because both consists of desserts, drinks  and meat dishes that you can try. 
As a food blogger-judge, we were required to try both sets and give out our verdicts. Food Judges are divided equally into two groups to try Set A and Set B. I was included in the group to start with set B.

Here are some of the samples we tried for set B:
Saj’s Cakes and Pastries Choco Chip Cookie
Meal Point Burger House Treasure Burger
Master Bakers Bacon Banana Bread

Lola Seseng Puto Cake
Only the Best Cafe and Dining’s Magiting Yum Yum Sandwich

Keyks by Kai’s Chocolate Whoopie Pie

Fat Cupcake’s Champorado Cupcake

Empire Cakes Customized Lechon Choco Cake

Crazy Chef’s Lechon Bagnet

Don Day’s Chicken Topokki

Chewy Treats by Claire’s Blueberry Cheesecake

Bugle Boy’s Roar Fruit Punches

Beeth’s Oven Pork and Tofu Sisig
The weather was really not that good. So we opted to rest for a bit and wait for the rain to stop. I was kinda feeling under the weather because I was already drenched in the rain. Boy, it was hard to take photos while tasting those samples, at the same time being soaked in the rain. Even with that, I anxiously decided to continue and finish Set A.

Here are the remaining samples we tried for Set A:

Brazo’s Iberian Chicken

Crazy Chef’s Buffalo Wings
Dorrisimo Cake’s Brown Brazo

Egg-it Asian Street Food’s Cucumber Lemonade

The Farenheit’s Silly Chocolate Cupcake

Fat Cupcake’s Yema Cupcake

Maniego’s Place FishStix 
Saj’s Cakes and Pastries Choco Chip Banana Cupcake
Stoner’s Fried Oreos

TeriTopps TeriFlakes

Bagnet Rice Patong’s Double Bagnet

Big B Burger’s Hangovurger
Among all the samples I tried, here are my Top 3 picks:
Hanguverger from Big B Burgers

These waffle burgers are very unique among all the samples we tried. The presentation is grate, the burger’s quite tasty, overall it was a winner for me.

Lechon Bagnet by Crazy Chef

They had me at Bagnet. These crispy pork were already enticing me as soon as they were uncovered. Their Lechon Bagnet stayed crispy despite the rain.

Silly Cupcake by The Farenheit

What made this cupcakes interesting is the lingering aftertaste. I can’t quite put it, but there is a bit of heat aftertaste that did not affect the moist chocolate taste of the cupcake. It was just there, leaving you wondering what that ingredient was.
I’m not sure what time they announced the winners for I didn’t stay long. But here are the winners according to the tallied votes from the food judges, and from all the people who went for the food tasting:
Foodgasm was from 10AM-10PM. I didn’t stay that long because I had to hurry home and change so I wouldn’t get sick. Aside from the food sampling, there were also a lot of activities that day. There were eating contests, Bazaar and bands that played that night.
Overall, Foodgasm 2015 is not as good as I have experienced last year. Partly because Lando made it hard for us to enjoy the nice spread. Otherwise, I loved that Foodgasm went bigger and reached out to several restaurants in Maginhawa. I became acquainted with some places now. I would love to go and try Egg it Asian Street food for their egg waffles, Big B for other burgers they offer, Brazo for their other dishes, and Sanchos Churrerria for freshly cooked Churros.

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