Affordable Steaks at Mati’s Meat and Bread Alabang

by Carol Ranas
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It’s really weird but Mati’s Meat and Bread’s facebook page have been popping from my Facebook mobile feed for quite some time and upon reading some reviews from fellow bloggers, the desire to try their dishes (specially their steak) deepens. It took a while because the thing that’s keeping me to rush over and try them, is their distance. Mati’s Meat and Bread is located in Filinvest Alabang, which is quite far from me. Luckily, I was invited to a food tasting on my rest day. Yay!

Mati’s Meat and Bread is located at River Park Alabang, at the back of Festival Mall. Mati’s is also under Melo’s Steak group. We were able to talk to one of the owners, Mr. Paul Macasaet. Of course, we had to ask the origin of the rstaurant’s name. It seemed that Mati is his son who’s also present that afternoon. Talk about a lucky kid!

I was really excited to try their mouthwatering dishes. If you stack their page, you’ll see those fod porn shots that will definitely tickle your tummy. Here are some (maybe a lot) of the dishes we tried that afternoon:


Creamy Spinach Dip (Php280)
This a good appetizer, for the spinach dip is indeed creamy with a peppery kick aftertaste because of the pimientos in it. 

Papa’s Spicy Crispy Wings (Php200)
These spicy wings are a good alternative if you are not fond of buffalo wings like me. I enjoyed munching on these wings, the fusion of both sweet and savory taste is just delish.
Truffle Bone Marrow (Php385)
Not for the faint of heart, because this appetizer is indeed heavy and will make your cholesterol level pike. Despite it’s health hazzard, one can’t help but try this because it is delectable. I’m just glad I’m still young to enjoy these yummy dishes.
Oyster Rockafeller (Php450)
Shellfish are my favorite, though I get to rarely eat them coz I’m scared of being sick if I eat a lot of it. Mati’s Oysters Rockafeller are fresh and tastes real good. 
Balut Aligue (Php195)
Mati’s pride themselves of coming up with this innovative yet deadly dish. Balut swimming in aligue sauce will make you double check on your blood pressure. This dish is intersting and make sure to have your heart checked before ordering this dish.

Camille’s Spinach and Arugula Bean Salad (Php195)
Camille’s salad is a refreshing salad because of it’s tangy and citrusy flavor. Unfortunatley, there were less spinach and arugula in this salad as to its name (As you can see in the picture), but none the less, I didn’t mind for I liked romaine greens better.

Vince’s Chicken and Arugula Salad (Php225)
We really thought that the fried rings were calamari, little did we know that they were red onion rings. This is one interesting salad.
Crispy Pork Belly Wrap (Php335)
These are crispy pork belly with a twist because it has kimchi and nori cream cheese spread. It was interesting because the kick of spiciness coming from the kimchi is dominating this dish.
Seafood Pasta (Php340)
This pasta reminded me of a seafood vongole, but with a tamer taste. I tooka quick bite when I saw my favorite pasta being served.

Truffle Pasta (Php398)
Truffle Cream pasta with mushrooms are my ultimate fave, and Mati’s Truffle Pasta did not disappoint. Yum!

Jala Pestrolli (new! not yet on the menu)
 Mati’s have our favorites like four cheese, pepperoni and other staple pasta flavor. The Jala Pestrolli is the newest item in their menu. This is more like your pepperoni pizza but bursting with more  flavor because of the pesto added. This instantly had my tummy’s nod of approval.

Salpicao Pizza (Php385)

The Salpicao Pizza is my second favorite among the pizzas that were served. It was savory and had prominent beef bits that makes it a good dish to order.


Meats, specifically steak, is Mati’s Meat and Bread’s specialty. Their steak selection is the affordable version of Melo’s Steaks. Melo’s offers high grade quality and good variety of meat for their steaks while at Mati’s, you still get a good quality (but limited choices) of steak without making your wallet suffer.It was

USDA Salpicao Rice (Php395)
The USDA Salpicao Rice is juicy and tender, swimming in its own juices. That bowl of rice would not be enough so you may need to order more.
USDA Steak (Php395)

This is the standard affordable steak meal you can order. Approximately 400php for a steak is definitely a good deal for me. Not to mention that since they are under the Melo’s group, their steaks are also prepared as good as them. I can certainly indulge in my steak craving any moment that I like because of Mati’s.

USDA Steak

You can also request that you cook your own steak. They’ll set up a grill pan in your table and you may cook your steak the way you like it, medium rare, medium done and well done. Because we were busy snapping photos of the sizzling steak, the USDA Steak became well done.

well done steak
Mashed Potato and vegetable sides
You can choose from their selection sides that you’d want to go with your steak. You may ask for a cup of rice instead of mash as your source of carbs.
300g Certified Angus Ribeye (Php1400)

If you don’t know how to determine if your steak is already ready for medium rare or overly cooked for well done, you can ask one of their staff to cook it in your table. Personally, I like my steak soft and juicy so I opt for medium rare. But don’t worry, well done is fine because Mati’s have the best quality of meat so no worries on rubbery or hard steak.

Cook it the way you want it
Medium Rare


Mati’s Meat and Bread have a limited selection of desserts. Let me tell you their desserts are quite simple but will definitely curb your sweet tooth after a fantastic steak meal.

Choco Fudge (Php220)
This is a no brainer. Chunky brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, Everyone surely love this dessert.

Eclair Cake (Php250)
Their eclair cake reminded me of refrigerated cake. A bit hard from refrigeration, so I waited for it to melt a bit so that the flavors will also melt inside my mouth. Yum!
Red Velvet Cake (Php250)
I’m really not fond of red velvet, so I’m a bit impartial with this dessert. But for those who like cakes, you can order this with coffee or tea on the side.
Paul wanted us to try their sandwiches as well, but all of us were full up to the brim. We opted to take photos of their sandwiches for reference.

Matis’ Angus Burger (Php385)

Grilled Cheese (Php295)
Overall, Mati’s Meat and Bread made my post-birthday celebration a good one. A foodie like me would certainly be ecstatic over good food. I would DEFINITELY go back at Mati’s to try more dishes and eat more steak. Php400-500 for a steak is definitely a good deal. You can certainly eat a good steak whenever you want without breaking the bank. 
I am really excited because Mati’s Meat and Bread will open a new branch in BGC this year. YAY! I can have steak anytime now that it’s nearer to my workplace. Talk about indulging after a hard day work. To complete your dinner night, you can also order beers, it’s a perfect match with their good steak. I wish they offer good beers to pair up with the steaks in their BGC branch,
How do you want your steak done? 
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Mati’s Meat and Bread
River Park, Festival Mall
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa
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