Ming Kee: A New Singaporean Restaurant in Makati

by Carol Ranas
10 minutes read
Another Foodie Meet-up at Poblacion Makati!

Poblacion Makati is really shaping up their food scene. A lot of restaurants have opened from left to right this year. Despite that, the variety and choices are all different which makes it much harder for us foodies (and even a normal diner). Ming Kee is one of the restaurants that opened this year.

Ming Kee is a restaurant that offers Singaporean cuisine that you can typically see in Singapore (of course!). They have their restaurant in Singapore (specifically along McPherson Road). Now, they bought their Singapore specialties in the country for foodies to try. While I haven’t been in Sinagpore personally, I’ve tried several singaporean dishes in a few places that caters them. I love a good hokkien mee, mee goreng, bah kuh teh and chili crabs.

Ming Kee have thir own building, near the Berjaya Hotel and City Garden Hotel along Makati ave. They have four floors. The lower ground is their wet market/kitchen where they store the freshly catch fish and seafood. The second floor is for walk in dining customers while the third and fourth floors are for small groups for they have function rooms to accomodate intimate events. 

Ming Kee’s interiors are tastefully done even though the building is not yet completely finished. They even have an elevator for easy access. I’m not sure what to expect during our Zomato Foodie meetup because my skin can’t handle most sea food. But the foodie in me wants to have a taste of their singaporean dishes. Here’s what we had that afternoon:

Singaporean Chili Crab (image via Zomato)

I was expecting the chili crabs to be real spicy. But since most of us can’t tolerate that much heat, they toned it down to our liking. Ming Kee’s chili crab is real delish.  We were served a really huge king crab, unfortunatley I wasn’t able to take a good pic because I was working out a way to eat those crabs without touching my skin. And boy, my struggle was real! It was frustrating because I didn’t have my meds on hand. Tsk.

Ming Kee triple cooked with Bee Hon (image via Zomato)

This is one unique dish that Ming Kee is proud of. Their Crabs were triple cooked with a bee hon underneath. The beehon is similar to our pancit guisado, Again, my struggle to eat crab got me and decided to let out my frustration on the prawns served. I have mastered to peel prawns using utensils, so it was easier to eat them as compared to crabs.

Crispy Fish Skins (Php300)
For starters, we had these uber crispy fish skins that resembled to a healthy chicharon. The soy dip that came with it was perfect. I also grabbed a handful of these and stuffed it in my mouth.

Stir Fried Cereal Prawns (Php525)
Cereal Prawns is one of the common Singaporean dishes. Ming Kee’s version of cereal prawns was better because the cereals were finely crushed and reminds us of a cereal brand and gives added flavor to the dish. We had to keep guessing what cereal brand they used because the taste seems to be familiar.

Sambal Rice (P300)
Fried rice is one of my comfort food. Ming Kee’s Sambal rice was umami-ngly good. 

Homemade Bean Curd (Php380)
Ming Kee takes pride of their beancurd (also known as tofu). Indeed, their tofu was silky smooth, just like the japanese ones, almost jello in texture. 

Hone BBQ Pork (Php450)
Because of my frustration over the crabs that I want to eat but can’t, I took a few slices of the honey roast pork to go with the sambal rice. This dish may have paled in comparison with those king crabs, but for those like me who have skin allergies, this Honey BBQ pork is a nice dish to have my fill.

Deep Fried Mantau
I like my mantau steamed because deep frying them makes them all greasy and soggy. But Ming Kee’s fried mantau’s are different. It’s less greasy and had retained the softness of the bread. I think all of us enjoyed dipping the mantau’s in condensed milk. 

For dessert, the Chef made a special dessert called Fruit Fantasy. It’s seasonal fruits in milk and ice, simple as that. It is enough to tame the spiciness of the chili crabs you had.

Overall, Ming Kee is a good places to go for family celebrations and for big groups because their dishes are all good for sharing. Their live catch are delivered fresh daily. I wonder where they get those huge king crabs. Though their price can be high and expensive, it’s no bad to indulge in a good singaporean meal once in a while. You can’t get those dishes any place near (unless you travel to Singapore).

What is your favorite Singaporean dish?

Let’s share in the comments below!

Ming Kee Restaurant
7852 Makati Ave, Poblacion, Makati City
Like their Facebook Page
Ming Kee Live Seafood Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Lux G. September 26, 2015 - 6:02 am

Quite pricey but I think if the food tastes good and the serving is large enough, it is worth it.
Thanks for sharing.

Carol Ranas October 6, 2015 - 10:31 am

@Lux: Yeah, the price is quite expensive, but if you are a big group, I think it's sulit naman.. And their seafood is really fresh and large.. 🙂