An evening with Chef Giorgio Matera at La Piadina One Solaris Makati

by Carol Ranas
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Italian dishes are really one of the interesting cuisines I’ve tasted. The taste varies from different regions. Gone are the days that the only Italian dish I know are pasta and pizza. I was invited to a dinner to meet an Italian chef. Chef Giorgio Matera is the brain behind the Italian restaurant La Piadina. Bringing his passion of Italian cuisine, Chef Matera have been satisying hungry tummies for years.

La Piadina invited foodies to launch a whole new array of dishes that will surely attract your cravings for more Italian dishes. Surprisingly, the new dishes does not include a new pizza dish, but other Italian dishes that will make you appreciate the cuisine even more.

Chef Matera have fallen in love with the Philippines that he decided to stay here with his family. He have been actively helping out the community by giving it back to the children in Payatas area. He was able to built a school there that encourages the children to dream high and reach for their dreams. Chef Matera doesn’t only inspire us through his passion on food, but also his passion of giving back.

Traditionally, La Piadina is known for their delicious pizzas and pasta. Currently in partnership with the Go Tien family, Chef Giorgio Matera is experimenting on different dishes that will make Italian-inspired dishes more delectable. Here are some of the new items available at La Piadina :

Appetizer platter (Tartar di Carne, Sardine Cordon Bleu, and Pepperoni Piemontese)
Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna
Sardines Pasta

Pasta Brocolli con Salsciccia
Most of the dishes are quite new for my palate, almost every dish gave out an interesting flavor. I loved everything in the appetizer platter, particularly the Tartar di Carne. I’m quite bias with any sardine dish because I am not really that fond of sardines.

Spledino di Pollo
Straccietti de Manzo al Balsamico

Pepperoni Piemontese
Braciole, Spledino de Pollo, Straccietti de Manzo al Balsamico, and Pepperoni Piemontese are dishes you may want to try out first for their flavors are actually appealling for the Filipino tastebuds.

Capellini in Brodo

The Capellini in Brodo is the Italian Ramen, which reminded me of our Batchoy. The soup is not greasy but at the same time real tasty, perfect in this rainy weather.

Tortino al Banana

For dessert, we tried the Tortino al Banana which reminded me of a banoffee dessert. But their version of this dessert is actually leaning towards a more prominent caramel taste, which I found tad too sweet.

Overall, La Piadina brought a new set of dishes that a Filipino foodie will surely enjoy. You may hear most Filipinos who found a feeling of fondness for Italian dishes raving La Piadina’s pasta and pizza dishes. Now, you can order other delicious dishes at La Piadina if you aren’t up to the typical pizza and pasta combo. I was glad because it was a fun evening of good food and nice conversations about food and whatnots. Italian cuisine is surely starting to have a dear place in my heart (and my tummy as well!). Thank you La Piadina and Aldous for inviting me, I had an amazing night!

*some of the pictures were taken at the event c/o La Piadina’s Facebook page. Including this picture of me, busy taking photos of the dishes.

What is your favorite Italian dish?

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  1.  La Piadina

 Ground Floor, Solaris One Building
 Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
 Visit also their branch at Glorietta 4, Makati City
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