Crepe Amelie: A whole lot of Crepes for different Palates

by Carol Ranas
9 minutes read
Back when I was still renting in Poblacion, particularly in J.P Rizal area, the food scene there was not much but some old pubs and bars for drinking and whatnots. This year, the Poblacion food scene came to life as hole-in-the-wall restaurants opened from left to right, offering different cuisines and catering the fickle palate of ever evolving foodies.

Crepe Amelie is mainly a crepe store that replaced that Sicilian pizza place at A.Venue Mall. By its name, Crepe Amelie provide a passed down by generation crepe recipe and made it compelling by preparing crepes in a lot of ways; breakfast crepes, savory crepes and dessert crepes.

crepe cakes

dessert crepes

drink selection

With other foodies, we braved the busy Makati Avenue to try different crepes at Crepe Amelie. Asie from crepes, they also offer pastas and sandwiches as well. Here are some of the pasta selection we tried that day:

Shrimp Aglio Olio Pasta (Php230)

Tuna Primavera (Php210)

Crepes for breakfast? I honestly prefer thick fluffy pancakes and waffles with syrup and fillings. But you have to try their interesting breakfast crepe selection. Here are some breakfast crepes at Crepe Amelie:

Garden Omelette 

Crepe Madame (Php180)

Savory crepes are new to me because usually I like my crepes filled with sweet nothings. At Crepe Amelie, they incorporated our favorite comfort food as crepe filling. These savory crepes are light and at the same time tasty and filling.

Roast Beef (Php250)

Crepe Marguerite

Veggie Mix (Php170)
Shrimp Mornay (Php230)

Chicken Fajitas (Php220)

As for dessert crepes, Crepe Amelie almost have the dessert crepes I like. From crepes filled with fruits down to crepes filled with chocolates and a lot of fun things my sweet tooth will approve.

Smores (Php190)

Strawberries and Cream (Php250)

Mango Chocolate (Php230)

Dutch Caramel Apple (Php220)

Of course, Crepe Amelie boasts of their mille-crepe, the crepe cake that is making waves being a popular dessert in Japan. Now, they’re one of the pioneers to bring the crepe cakes in the metro. Crepe cakes are light and not too sweet. They have a lot of flavor to choose from like


Matcha with Red Bean




Overall, Crepe Amelie is a nice comfy place to hang out with friends in Makati Ave. The ambience of the store is homey and nice. Their selection of drinks are good. The dessert crepe selection is a bit pricey for me but definitely worth the try. As for the other crepes, they are interesting but my sweet tooth still love sweet crepes. Bring your date for an intimate conversation or if you are killing time waiting for the night to start, Crepe Amelie is a nice stop.

How do you like your crepes?

Let’s swap ideas in the comments below!

Crepe Amelie
Ground Floor, A.Venue Mall
Poblacion, Makati City
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