Apag Marangle: Bringing the Kapampangan cuisine at the heart of Makati City

by Carol Ranas
12 minutes read
Pampanga is known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines where you get to try the best and delicious home cooked dishes that we truly are proud of. So if a kapampangan restaurant decides to conquer the unsatiable appetite of the foodies here in the bustling Makati City, Who can resist it?

Apag Marangle is a paluto restaurant originating in Bacolor, Pampanga. What makes the restaurant quite famous is their farm to dining table concept. Basically, all ingredients were harvested fresh, cooked and served within the day. They were featured as top restaurant to try by one of the biggest lifestyle show in one of the leading networks. Their main branch is in Bacolor within a real-life palaisdaan while their second branch is situated at Marquee Mall Pampanga.

Parksquare branch

Apag Marangle recently spread their wings and braved the stiff competition here in the big Metro. They opened their third branch and practically first branch in Metro Manila. We were invited to dine and have a taste of what Kapampangan dishes are proud of.

Here’s a feast of some of the dishes yo can try at Apag Marangle. (WARNING: Restrain yourself from drooling and licking the screen. ):

Soup, L-R:Sale Manuk (Php320), Suam Mais (Php220) & Sinigang na Bangus sa Nayabas (Php395)
Tokwa’t Baboy (Php195)

Asado ng Imang ku (Php315)

Pindang Damulang (Php150)

Chicharong Bulaklak (Php185)

Ensaladang Manggang Bubot (Php155)

Pepalutong Camaru (Php185)

Crispy Pata (Php520)

Ensaladang Pako (Php155)

Ginisang Camaru (Php185)

Ningnang Pusit (Php60/100g)

Humba (Php250)

Kalderetang Bibe (Php415)

Ningnang Hito (Php255)

Tidtad, Pampanga’s dinuguan (Php298)

Nasing Marangle (Php330/sharing)

Pepalukluk Manuk (Php415)

Signature Pancit Bihon (Php195)

Sisig (Php195)

Sizzling Balut (Php195)

Pepasingong gule ampong taguilo (Php195)

Betute (S-Php85, M-Php95)

Tilapia king piga (Php275)

Taba ng Talangka Rice (Php40)

Since there were a lot of dishes to try and we were a big crowd, Apag Marangle made our lunch more interesting by serving it just like how they do it in the farm, boodle-style.

As for desserts, their menu may be limited but they offer the classic Filipino desserts, We were able to try three, the Meyumang Kamuti or Ginataang Kamote, Buko Sherbet and Salted Egg Ice Cream. What I surprisingly liked was the salted egg ice cream. It was a weird combination of salty and creamy with a hint of sweetness. It is a unique mixture of flavors but astonishingly good.

Buko Sherbet
Meyumang Kamuti

Salted Egg Ice Cream

It was a wide spread enough to literally put you in food coma. Delicious spread shared with fellow foodies, while eating with out own hands sure if pure bliss. It really is true that Kapampangans are the best cooks in the world.

What is your favorite Kapampangan dish?

Apag Marangle
Park Square, Makati City
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