Eat out Manila at The Italian Market Resorts World Manila

by Carol Ranas
11 minutes read
For every celebrations, we can’t help but treat our loved ones to something special. With a lot of restaurants catering different types of cuisines for pechant taste buds, it is still a shock that often we can’t find seats on our favorite restaurants. It seemed that fellow foodies seemed to have linked minds and dine at a specific retsaurant at the same time.

Booking tables, specially on well known restaurants have been a headache. Good thing there’s Eat out Manila app which takes care of this dilemma.

Eat out Manila is a booking/reservation app which helps you book tables at different retaurants all over the Metro. It was my first time being invited by Eat out Manila. The venue was at The Itlaian Market, Resorts World Manila. The Italian Market is one of the new restaurants who accepts table reserviations via Eat out Manila app.

The Italian Market is affliated with its sister company Murrays New Orleans. They offer heartful and savory Italian cuisine made by their Italian chefs. They are known for their brick oven pizza, which is a common way to cook pizzas in Italy

The store was big and had the al fresco feel despitebeing located inside Newport Mall. It resembles of that cafes and quaint restaurants you’ll find in Italy. I’m more excited to try Italian pasta and pizza that night that my tummy is already doing backflips!. Here’s some of the dishes served to us that night:

Galic Cheese Bread (Php285)
Steamed Mussels in Red Sauce (Php385)
Buttermilk and Parmesan Calamari (Php335)
We were served these appetizers first. Freshly baked garlic bread along with steamed mussels and calamari that was surprisingly soft with a bit of crunch. Their calamari was nowhere near rubbery. It was a good start of a highly anticipated spread that night.

Panzanella Bread Salad (Php295)

Tim Caprese Salad (Php430)

We tried two types of salad, the panzanella bread salad and their version of caprese salad. Both salad reminded me of spring, not only because of its color, but the taste was light and a bit citrusy. I was a bit disappointed with their buffalo mozarella cheese because it was like aged cheese. I prefer my caprese made with fresh buffalo mozarella.

Phill Cheese Steak Sandwich (Php590)
Tim’s hand carved Roast Pork Sandwich (Php540)

Pit fire Porchetta

They also have sub sanwiches and meat dishes for us carb loving foodies. What was interesting is that they roast their porchetta in the brik oven as well. So expect to take a whiff of that delicious roasted porchetta whenever you dine at Italian Market.

Pasta Alfredo (P499)
Rib Eye Stroganoff (Php680)

Lobster Mac and Cheese (Php590)

Spaghetti and Meatball (Php355)

Italian Market has one of the best pizzas in town because it is made though a brick oven. You’ll see their brick oven once you enter their store. I’m not sure if I remembered the names of these pizzas because we were already stuffing them in our mouths as soon as it hit the table.

Gamberetti (Php385)

Earth Bread (Php360)

Clams and Calamari Pizza (Php385)

Green Pie (Php360)
Pig and Fig (Php390)

Of course, we always make room for desserts! I wasn’t able to check if they also have authentic Italian desserts but here were three dessert selection we tried that night:

Cannoli (Php270)

Humble Pie (Php295)

Tiramisu (Php 295)

I can’t believe I ate that amount of pizzas that night! Only a few Italian restaurants serve brick-oven pizzas so better grab the chance to try Italian Market’s wide selection of pizzas. If you worry that you might not get a seat because most restaurants in Newport Mall are full, download Eat out Manila app and book your tables there!

Che tipo di pizza sei? 

The Italian Market
2nd Floor, Newport Mall,
Resorts World Manila, Pasay City

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