Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf for Sunday Brunch

by Carol Ranas
4 minutes read
Date: August 1, 2010
Place: CBTL Greenbelt 3

Since I went directly to the Frozen Swirl Open house after my shift from work, I decided to eat brunch at Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf. I decided to use the coupon I got from my Belle de Jour Planner (I’ve been meaning to use them anyway). The planner has around 10 coupons from Coffee Bean. And I can’t decided which one to use..

Since it is a Sunday, the place is packed with people hanging out on a lazy Sunday noon. I was waiting in line when I found this cute mug. I instantly fell in love. (I wish I could afford it, it is quite expensive for a mug). I’m guessing it costs around 500 because it’s made from ceramic with a silicon cap. It will be included in my wishlist (since my birthday is near na.. >wink<).
Since the sour taste of the frozen swirl had made my stomach upset, I decided to go for a heavy brunch and order their tomato and herb linguine. The pasta tasted yummy, not too sour, just right for a. tomato based pasta. The coupon I used entitles me to a free regular iced tea blends. They gave me their Southern Tea variety which I enjoyed and complimented everything I ate. While ordering, I mustered the strength to ask for another serving of the frozen swirl, this time in Lemoncello flavor (and that’s how I got another serving).

Tomato and Herb Linguine 
I wasn’t in a hurry to finish all the food since my stomach was aching from all the frozen swirls I’ve eaten (but I can’t seem to get enough.. coz it’s free!!) I decided to do some review on my upcoming engineering mathematics diagnostics test next week to buy some time.

Notice that the table was so dainty that I particularly need to move my things around more often.

Overall, I enjoyed my brunch and left the store happily full (though my wallet was not happy at all).

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