Garnier Skin Naturals Light Cream: a change in my Skin Care.

by Carol Ranas
4 minutes read
This month, my favorite moisturizer had been consumed to the very last drop. I was feeling risky to try other type of moisturizer. I have a very dry and sensitive skin, so I’ve been having a hard time choosing a new moisturizer to suit my skin time (taking consideration also the price over the actual need or usage)

Old Moisturizer:
Nivea Visage Sparkling White Day Care Moisturize 

I’ve been using my Nivea moisturizer and it had became my instant favorite. It doesn’t have a strong scent and it quickly absorbs on my skin, having a moisturized feel on my face. It is practically cheaper for the value I got from the product (considering the price over the length I’ve been using it). I have consumed about two bottles already and my skin had adapted to it already. 

New Moisturizer:
Garnier Skin Naturals Light with SPF 15 (in sachet)


There had been really good reviews on the Garnier Lightening System according to other people. But when I found out that Garnier is the mass market brand of L’Oreal, I decided to give their moisturizer a try. (L’Oreal is my trusted brand, though their moisturizer had a quite heavy and an oily feel on my face, also it is quite pricey). I decided to test their moisturizer line first (good thing they have it in sachets now). I wanted to try their lightness test, expecting that my current shade will lighten.

This is my initial shade. After 1 month of use, I should be on the 4 or 3 shade (according to the label)

Initial Run:

I placed the contents of the sachet on my empty and cleaned Nivea bottle (for easier application). The cream was quite heavy, and the initial application was quite stingy, especially in the eye area (maybe my sensitive skin acting up on the new product). It got me thinking that maybe all their product have the light peeling action for the lightening effect (I noticed the carry an overnight mild peeling cream also).

Daily Usage:

My skin was irritated resulting to some dry patched areas on my skin. (But I ignored it and decided to give it a few days more). I notice that my skin is visibly lighter (I haven’t checked how many tones). Powder application on my face tends to be cakey, ending having a geisha face (There are days that I only use baby powder if I don’t plan wearing makeup). Application of make-up was hard (for skin’s a bit rough and had dry patch areas). I am having a rough skin after I started using the cream.
Feeling positive that this will work out well with my skin. I’m just waiting till I finish the whole sachet. But if the dry patches did not ease up, or worsen, I’ll switch to try their newly launched moisturizer, the upgraded version of this one, the Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete.

On my 22nd day, my tone lighten one shade. From a 6, I went to a 5 shade. (Though  was expecting it to be 4 already since it IS already day 22). I finished the whole sachet, and I bought another one just to finish the 28 day test. After I finished this 2nd sachet, I’ll give the Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete a try also. But still not positive enough to buy the whole bottle as a permanent moisturizer.

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