Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf: Frozen Swirl Openhouse

by Carol Ranas
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Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf is not your ordinary coffee shop. They also serve freshly brewed tea that will surely suit your taste. The company originated on 1963 in California. I’ve been a fan of Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf eversince I tasted their Iced Tea Blends (courtesy of Belle de Jour coupons from their planner). Though I’m not a fan of expensive coffee, but I most certainly liked their variety of teas. I am the type that liked my tea brewed whether hot or cold. I’ve been a fan of their Facebook Page, and I happened to bump on the promotion of their latest product recently.

 (photos from CBTL Fanpage)
Since frozen yogurt had been on the mainstream, introducing them into their line was a good move. It provides more options and variety of unique flavors to try on their shop. And as for me, I wouldn’t miss their Open house for their Frozen Swirl.

July 25, 2010
First off, to Robinson’s Place Ermita. After my graveyard shift from work, I slept for a few hours and went straight to CBTL’s Open House at Robinson’s. Their Open House was only good from 10AM till 12NN. It was too early, but I mustered to go early to taste their frozen swirls for FREE! (I’m such a sucker for freebies). I met-up with Joel at CBTL. I wanted him to go so I could taste at least two variands of the frozen swirl (I was too shy to ask for more, not to be pegged as a glutton). 

Affogato (left) and Original Flavor

I tried their Original Flavor and I had Joel try their Affogato. It is a must for me to try the original one first, so I could savor the true taste of soft served yogurt. I was not dissappointed. The yogurty flavor was evident, that I liked it much. The texture was icey popsicle like, but still smooth and a bit creamy. (remembering my first taste of froyo at California berry).
I eagerly tasted the Affogato, and was stunned on how weird (but in a good way) it tasted. Joel seemed to like the taste because the sour taste of the yogurt was balanced with the coffee. 

I hate stolen shots, especially when I’m eating. Good thing I didn’t laugh while eating a spoonful..
CBTL was fullhouse when we got there, so we settled at the al freso area (though I didn’t like staying there because of the cigarette smell) since there are no seats available inside. 

I so loved their cute cups with matching spoons

August 1, 2010
Next stop, CBTL Frozen Swirl Open House at Greenbelt 3. Good thing it was quite near Glorietta 5 (it is where our office is located, convenient huh?). Joel didn’t tag along that time for he was too lazy to wake up early on a Sunday (or any day in particular).

Here’s the Price Panel of the Frozen Swirl
I first tried the Berry’D Treasure variant. I so loved it! I especially loved berries on my yogurt (though for some, the sourness was a bit overload). I tried to finish them slowly because I know my stomach will act up on the acidity. But no luck, I down the whole serving in a few minutes resulting to a hyperacidity attack.

I was a bit sad for a while coz I thought I’ll just be able to taste one flavor (for I’ve been dying to try all to see which one will be my favorite). But the barista at the counter, including the manager (I forgot their names, sorry!) was very warm and friendly, they were proactive in promoting the Open House, asking everyone to try any flavor they want. (That is the reason I got to try another one!)

I got to try the Lemoncello after I ate something to ease my stomach. I was expecting an artificial lemon flavored syrup topped on the yogurt, but I was wrong (am I?, not sure). The lemon flavor was on the quite  sweet syrupy side which was okay considering the sour taste of the yogurt.I wanted to try everything, but I was afraid that I could not go home if ever my stomach acidity piked up.
Overall, I had fun with the Open House. I am such a food junkie that Open Houses (translation : free food) never fails to excite me.

CBTL Frozen Swirl:
Original : 5/5
Affogato: 5/5
Berry’d Tressure: 5/5
Lemoncello: 4.5/5

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