by Carol Ranas
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Rain was pouring hard last Sunday after we ate lunch at Kim N’ Chi. To kill time while waiting for the rain to stop, we browsed through the coffee shops available in Robinson’s Ermita.
There are plenty of shops that offered good coffee at Robinson’s Ermita. From posh and expensive Coffee shops down to the simple and cheap. We are having a hard time to choose where to hang out and warm up with coffee. Joel’s criteria of a good cafe to hang out was comfy couches plus good coffee at a reasonable price. Mine was just reasonable price. We seem not to get enough of the Kape Barako offered at Breadtalk (just available in some selected stores), but since there was a wide range, we opt to try others.

We tried Cocktales located at Midtown’s 4th floor. It is a small stall-like store with several colorful seats. We tried their Vietnamese Coffee (Coffee with sweet milk).

Vietnamese Coffee (Php50)

We got to see them prepare the coffee because we were seated near their prep area. The coffee was already granulated and brewed in hot water for a few minutes (the traditional way). I noticed their cute glasses and bowls stacked at the cabinets together with some fruits. Their menu list was quite appealing, but I was not in the mood for sweets that time.

(Pardon for the haggard look because I just got off from my graveyard shift, no sleep at all)
I was too excited to try the coffee that I forgot to take a picture of the coffee before I stirred the milk in. Their coffee is appealing because you can see the coffee not mixing with the milk underneath. I find the coffee too sweet maybe because there was too much sweet milk. The Vietnamese Coffee had a herby taste (kinda like a tea) and there are some dusty-like particles that settles at the bottom of the glass (maybe it was not strained well).
4/5 Stars

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Dear Hiraya August 4, 2010 - 8:53 am

carol, fjordz to. haha

eto na yung link na sinasabi ko on how to vote for Emerging Influential Blogs >>


boto mo ko ah! Andiyan yung guidelines on how to join and where to submit. Super thanks! APir!

Carol Ranas August 4, 2010 - 12:21 pm

yup, nakita ko na..

tinatamad na nga ako kasi di pasok ung blog ko.. hehehe

joke lang..