Kim N’ Chi

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read
After the Frozen Swirl Openhouse at Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf Robinson’s Ermita, Joel and I decided to have lunch elsewhere (he was looking for a place that serves soups and stews as viands). Since our budget is limited, we decided to check out Robinson’s Foodcourt for more options.
I was drawn by the cute booth of  “Kim N’ Chi”. They serve Asian Cuisines (mainly Korean), and their servings are quite big. Their Beef Bulgogi dish was quite tempting, too bad I wasn’t into eating an enormous rice meal. I tried their Chap Chae and their dumpling set. 

It was my first time trying Chap Chae. It is a Korean Noodle dish made of cellophane noodles and a mix of veggies and meat. I had fun eating cellophane noodles for the first time because of its slimy feel (not your usual noodle). The dish had a sweet tangy taste, and the beef was quite tasty. The downside is that it became too sweet for my taste as I was finishing the dish. Good thing I ordered some dumplings to ease the “umay” factor.

Chap Chae (Php75)

Dumplings (Set of 3+1 at Php50)
It was my first time tasting such dumpling. I enjoyed eating it because egg was the main ingredient (I so love egg!!). The first one (from left to right, refer to the pic at the top) is a typical fried meat dumpling, the second was like luncheon meat (with some veggies) fritters, the third was some sort of egg sushi (nori and crabstick rolled in scrambled egg) and the last one was like an veggie-meat-crabkstick skewers. At first I didn’t noticed that it had a stick inside to hold the crabstick, meat and veggie before the egg mixture, until I took a bite.

I enjoyed eating them and I was so full before I even finished the Chap Chae. Kim N’ Chi would be a good choice if you wanted another food option besides from the usual fast food at Robinson’s Ermita. I’ll definitely go back and try their other dishes.

4.5/5 Stars

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