by Carol Ranas
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I especially had taken not of the date when my blog started, and little did I know, it was my blog’s 2nd year already!!
I started blogging mainly for the purpose of an online personal journal where I can pour my hearts content and share it to others. I was a noob back then, but I had a good command on words. I was always on hiatus mode mainly because I’m still struggling with coping on the technological advancements available. Most of my posts in the past two years was kind of mushy and too emotional. I was getting gooey while reading my old posts. 🙂
I just felt like inserting my favorite pics this 2010
This is me with my precious long hair..

This is me sporting a short hair this summer..

(and that was me, stealing the spotlight.. ahahaha.. )

Going back to my blog..
I can say my blog had improved A LOT. This year, I’m seriously considering taking blogging seriously (since I am officially a bum). Watch out for my blog re-inventions.. ahahaha.. 
Here’s to more years on the blogosphere!! 
Hope I could get more followers and readers to appreciate my work.. That would really be nice.. 🙂

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Anonymous July 29, 2010 - 2:22 pm

hey hey!
follow mo ko! ung both blogs ko:


then ung make up blog ko

http://www.shimmersandglosses.blogspot.com. hehe 🙂

thanks. see u sa floor 🙂