Commune Makati: More than just pretty coffee

by Carol Ranas
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Gone are the days where store chain coffee shops dominate the cafe scene. With the rise of third wave coffee, and the demand for better coffee at an affordable price from coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts, the coffee scene is becoming more and more interesting. Quality coffee much cheaper than chain brands, a relaxing vibe and a working (and stable!) internet connection, no wonder that Commune Makati is one of those places everyone raves.

Commune have been getting lots of love from the Makati yuppies ever since they started at their Salcedo branch. Now, they relocated in a much hipper environment in Poblacion. They miss the love from the working crowd in Salcedo, but the Poblacion yuppies and residents have been so awesome and extended their love to Commune.

Aldous invited us foodies to meet the owners of Commune. Apart from coffee and pastries, we were there to try some new dishes that Commune is about to introduce to their patrons. Here are some of the items we got to try that night:

my decaf cappucino with a cute 3D art
While waiting for our dishes, I ordered a decaf cappucino with a cute 3D art. Seriously, their coffee 3D art never gets old. It is an instant mood booster!
Pastry shelf (or spread?)

I must say that their new place kicks ass. It’s quite different from their previous Salcedo branch, but the Poblacion branch was bigger and spacious. It is still a work-in-progress, but I’m liking it.

Nachos (Php120)
The appetizers came. We tried their own version of Nachos and their new dish, chicharong bulaklak. Commune’s nachos was real good because of their home made cheese. I’m sure everyone’s wondering why there is chicharong bulaklak in a cafe, it’s because Commune is not only serving good coffee, but they also serve beers and cocktail drinks.
Chicharong bulaklak
Breakfast Staples

Commune have a small menu selection but it has all you’ll need to satisfy whichever your tummy desires. What I like is that they have breakfast items that are available all day long. There are times that I crave for a good silog by mid-afternoon.
Croque Madame (Php225)

Croque Monseiur (Php195)
You can choose from sandwiches, pastas, pastries, and even rice meals to pair with a good cup of coffee from Commune. Or you can just order their Adobo or Beef Tapa just because you feel like eating them.
Beef Tapa (Php285)

Main Dishes

Yup, Commune have comfort dishes that will surely satisfy your hunger pangs at lunch or even during mid-afternoon. You see, Commune is not just a coffee shop per se, they also have a diverse menu selection as compared to other coffee shops.

Pork Adobo (Php220)

Pollo Al Ajillo (Php245)
You’ll be reminded of your mom’s cooking because most of the dishes in Commune are hand down recipes from the family. It’s like eating at home but with a more posh interior, hehe.
Arroz a la Cubana


As for desserts, Commune have a selection of pastries you can enjoy to curb your sweet tooth. Most of their pastries are from different notable patisseries and establishments which share the same goals and aspirations with Commune..

Patti Cakes cupcakes (Php75)
Cookies (ranging from Php85-90)
Cookie Shots with Milk (Php105)
Here’s some of the pastries we ordered for desserts. Guess which was mine?

Mine was the Cookie Shot with Carmen’s Best Ice Cream! Def Yum!

Cookie Shot with Carmen’s Best scoop (Php165)
It was too cute and delish. How did I devour that cute little thing? I took some bites on the ice cream on top, let the cookie shot lay on its side and cracked its body in half. You let the ice cream coat the chocolate cover insides of the cookie and then you take a bite. You’ll find the cookie shot a bit too sweet because of the generous choco coverings, but you can balance the taste with the ice cream. Yum!

Overall, Commune is a nice cafe that everyone would want to hang out. If you are not a coffee person, fret not because you can order delicious dishes from their menu. What’s even better, if you are craving for a warm meal to satisfy your tummy, you can head to Commune. They are not just known for their coffee but for the dishes they have as well. They are open till wee hours in the morning on weekends to cater the after party crowd. Who doesn’t want a hot breakfast meal to warm our stomach after an all night of partying? 
Where is your favorite coffee spot?

Commune Makati
Polaris St. Poblacion Makati
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