Kickstart your 2016 with great tapas at Tapella Greenbelt

by Carol Ranas
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New Year, New Food Adventures..

Greenbelt 5 has a wide stretch of interesting restaurants to try. Oftentimes, we get too intimidated by the posh and luxurious setting, but seriously, there are some good restaurants to try without doing too much damage to your wallet. Tapella is one of those restaurants.

Tapella is a Spanish restaurant which takes pride of its roots. I can think of three reasons why you should drop by at Tapella. First, the ambiance is a great place to unwind, with a luxurious vibe. Second, you may want to get a glimpse of their charming chef, Chef Robert Spakowski. And lastly, they have the best tapas (appetizer) for a good price.

We stormed at Tapella along with Team Aldous to dine and celebrate the holidays last December. Here are some of the interesting dishes we tried that night:


For starters, we has a taste of a cold and hot soup and some greens..

(Gazpacho De Mango Php 175)

This is the cold soup that Tapella takes pride of. It may take a while for your taste buds to get accustomed with its cold temperature, but it’s one interesting soup.

(Pote Gallego Php 175)

This reminded me of a savory chili soup. The Pote Gallego is filling as is because of the variety of stuff inside like beans and some bits of meat. 

(Ensalada Mediterranea Php 295)

Tapella’s salad are hefty which is good news for people who are trying to eat healthy. We got to try their house salad and the Mediterranean salad.

(Ensalada Tapella Php 250)

Tapas (Appetizers)

What I really enjoyed at Tapella were their tapa selection. They have different types of chorizos that goes well with their nice selection of wines.

(Morcilla De Cebolla Php 450)

These are Spanish chorizos sitting in  a bed of potatoes. Both have distinct taste that you can enjoy.

(Chorizo Picante Php 295)

(Muslos De Pollo Frito Php 250)

(Chopitos Fritos Php 250)

This Huevos con Morcilla Sisig is my favorite that night. As Filipinos, we love sisig along with a good bottle of beer and this dish is no exception. It has everything: grease, savory taste and crunch.

(Huevos Con Morcilla Sisig Php 275)

Main Course

Tapella is a Spanish Restaurant, so naturally we wouldn’t miss trying their version of paellas. We got to try three interesting paellas that night.

(Arroz Manchego Php 775)

The Arroz Manchego consists of chicken, shrimp and asparagus, topped with generous manchego cheese. 


(Paella De Marisco Php 700)

The Paella de Marisco is Tapella’s version of a seafood paella.
(Arroz Sobrassada Php 375)

The Arroz Sobrassada is made up of Spanish chorizo with herb sauce, topped with chips and spears of asparagus.

(Chuleton Villagodio – Php 475/100grams, minimum 600 grams)

If you are a big group of foodies, it’s best you try these two dishes at Tapella. Their Cheleton Villagodio is seared inside the kitchen and will be cooked in your table according to your preference. The steak was juicy and umami. Delicioso!

(Lapu Lapu A La Sal – Php 210/100grams, minimum 1,000 grams)

I’ve seen how A la Sal is made via Asian Food Channel and it is a fascinating process. Some of you may remember this dish because it was cooked at Masterchef Kids. The fish was cooked perfectly.


We were already full to the brim, but as foodies, we always leave room for dessert. And as the saying goes, no matter how full your stomach is, you can always have dessert because dessert goes straight to the heart. (I just remembered that, though I don’t remember where I read this)

(Flan De La Abuela Php 75)

Overall, Tapella is a great place to have a nice drink along with their interesting tapas selection. Prices are comparable to its neighboring restaurants in Greenbelt. If you are looking for a place to dine and unwind with a bit of seclusion, you can try dining at Tapella.

What is your favorite restaurant in Greenbelt?


Tapella by Gaudi Restobar 
GF, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St.
Legaspi Village, Makati
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