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by Carol Ranas
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Another Zomato Foodie Meet-up!

I love going to Zomato foodie meet-ups because I get to know other fellow foodies and bond over good food. So despite my crazy schedule, I was able to squeeze some time and marched to Greenbelt for a foodie meet-up.

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Mr. Pizza is considered Korea’s number 1 pizza chain. They have hundreds of branches in Korea until they decided to bring it here in the Philippines. Mr. Pizza Greenbelt is the first branch here in the Metro. I only have heard of Mr. Pizza, thanks to SNSD’s Lion Heart video. I was wondering  about the difference of a Korean pizza as compared to our own local pizza.

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As you enter the place, you’ll  be greeted with a pizza counter where they make the pizza and a loft seating area at the left side. We were ushered to the loft area which was overlooking the pizza counter. You can clearly view how your pizza’s gonna be made. My lion tummy was excited! Here are some of the items we tried that night:


Baked Wings (Php230)
If you are particular to greasy food, you can opt for their baked wings. As delicious as their other wings, without the grease. 

Mr. Chicken (Php230)
Mr. Chicken is the spicy version of the soy chicken wings while the Ms. Chicken is the sweeter version. Korean Soy chicken is really unique and umami. 

Ms. Chicken (Php230)


Baked Bacon Cream Spaghetti (Php280)
Mr Pizza’s pastas tastes good as well, though I find their serving size a bit “bitin”. A hungry person can easily scarf down the dish in just a few minutes. 

Oven Baked Spaghetti (Php280)

Crab Carbonara (Php330)


Pizzas are the main thing you need to order when you dine at Mr. Pizza. Their pizza selection is extensive. Aside from pizza flavors and toppings, you also have a variety to choose from for your edge crust. Here are some of the pizzas we’ve tried:

Bulgogi Pizza (Php380)
Bulgogi is a Korean staple and adding it to the pizza was truly genius. It was a sweet and savory treat to my tastebuds. FYI: Mr. Pizza is running a BOGO on ther Bulgogi Pizza every Monday.
Eggta Pizza (Php800)
The Eggta and Macho Grande are two of their specialty pizzas. What makes each one unique is their edge crust. The Eggta has an egg custard edge crust while the Macho Grande has a Mocha edge crust stuffed with cream cheese. You are in for a sweet and savory treat. I especially love the Mocha edge crust with cream cheese, I’m contemplating to which pizza flavor it’ll be better to pair off.

Macho Grande (Php630)
Overall, I enjoyed all the dishes served that night. Mr. Pizza stays true to their name for their pizzas are truly amazing. Their menu selection may be limited, but that’s fine because you’ll be satisfied with their extensive pizza selection. Each slices of pizza has the same equal amount of toppings, so no one gets a lion share of toppings; which is why their pizzas are instagram-worthy. Don’t forget to try their specialty pizzas, coz that’s what makes Mr. Pizza stand out among the rest of the pizza chains in the metro.

What’s your favorite pizza flavor?

Mr. Pizza
Ground flr, Greenbelt 3
Esperanze St., Makati City
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