Team Lunch at Amici Ayala Triangle

by Carol Ranas
4 minutes read
Every time there is a chance, We plan a Team Lunch just to catch up on things with other members. You see, since we are in a part time account working on different hours, we rarely get a chance to see each other rarely alone chat on how things have been. I think its a good practice to have those mini gatherings to increase camaraderie with workmates which could result to greater productivity through teamwork.

We had our team lunch at Amici Ayala Triangle. It was lunch hour and Ayala Triangle is usually packed at those hours. We were lucky we found seats for 6-8 persons at Amici without having to wait in line.

Amici is known for their pasta and pizzas. The pasta and pizza servings at Amici is good for sharing of 2-3 person. Here are some of what we ordered:

Spinach Artichoke was good pick as appetizer. It was my first time having it and it did not disappoint. It was creamy and one would not realize that this dip is purely made of vegetables. I think non-vegetable eaters may enjoy this. 
I personally suggested we order the Linguine al Proscuitto e Tartufo. It is an oil base pasta and what made me order it because of the truffle oil. It’s a cliche that everything with truffle oil tastes good, with this one, I couldn’t agree more. It tasted yummy! I may not discern the taste of truffle oil, but the dish had a prominent mushroom taste (mushrooms are my fave!) so this was a joy to eat. I think everyone liked it better than the Ragu pasta. I may have downed almost half of it. 🙂
Ragu Alla Bolognese is a red sauce pasta. I know that most Filipinos liked red sauced pasta more that the other. But this Ragu pasta is a disappointment. It was dry and lacking flavor. As a foodie, It brings me joy to try a new food/cuisine for the first time, anticipating thet burst of flavors the food may bring. But tasting Ragu the first time did not leave a good impression on me.
Tutta Carne Pizza is an all meat pizza. This is tasted good and really meaty. It’s best to consume it while its still hot to better enjoy the pizza. 
Lasagna is Amici’s bestseller but the serving was a bit small, just enough for one person. 
Overall, I loved the Linguine al Proscuitto e Tartufo, pasta with truffle oil is the best. I’ll definitely keep it in mind to try more dishes with truffle oil . The Ragu pasta was a disappointment.
Anyone who knows a place who serves good Ragu pasta? I want to give Ragu a second chance.

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