Waterside Restobar offers Latin and Mediterranean food fare at Solaire Sky Tower

by Carol Ranas
8 minutes read
Mediterranean, specially Latin food fare has slowly creeped up the metro food scene making our food choices more grueling and at the same time, interesting.

Solaire’s newly opened Sky Tower recently opened their newest restobar, WaterSide Restobar which boasts in delicious Latin and Mediterranean cuisine. I was present at the grand opening of Waterside and it was one big marvelous event.

The event was hosted by Kim Jones, a known model and blogger as well. We were welcomed by lively Latin upbeat music from the band as we wader in awe on how spectacular the place is.

Waterside had that sleek environment which definitely had the hotel standards. We were allowed to wander the whole restaurant as we take a glimpse of busy chef in action, cautiously preparing the food we were about to try that night.

Here’s a glimpse of the wonderful things we tried that night:

For starters, our table was filled with these appetizers. I’m not familiar with most of them but it involves some Mediterranean staples like fish, olives and cold cut tapas.

Sardanillas ( Php190)

Sardanillas is fish in olive oil topped with crusty bread

Banderillas (Php190)

Banderillas which comprises of skewered olives, piquilo and garlic

Chorizo (Php180)

Chorizo as the name implies, includes cold cuts of chorizo, sweet melon and mint.

Boquorones (Php190)

Boquorones consists of fish in aoli topped with soft cooked egg.

Jabugo (Php290)
Jabugo includes of cold cuts ham, pineapple and blue cheese.

I am honestly not a fan of Mediterranean tapas, but what I liked were the Chorizo and Jambugo Ham cuts. For the Main dishes, we were served this glorious platter:

Surf and Turf Set (Php2850)

This is one of the dishes at Waterside’s Grill menu. The Surf and Turf  set which consists of
Beef Brisket, twice cooked poached and charred; Crack Back Chicken,whole chicken brined; Jumbo Prawns in lemon, garlic and pimento, and Inihaw na Liempo.

This set was served with 3 types of Sauces, Chimichuri, Bordelaise and Red Pepper Spackle to further enhance these meats. But for me, they did not need it because each of them were juicy and yummy by itself.

Humita (Php 90, add on with Surf and Turf set)

Aside from that humongous platter, we were also served Humita, a dish made of sweet corn baked in husk. It was sweet and delish, perfect as a rice substitute for your carb needs,

Paella Valenciana (Php550)

We also had a sample serving of their famous Paella Valenciana which is saffron spiced paella with chicken prawns and pimiento. The serving was a bit small for it was just a sample size but the flavors were packed. Now I know why it was one of their best sellers.

And for desserts, we were able to try their  Chocolate Tart – Raspberry Jelly and Pineapple Ravioli chili and sorbet. Unfortunately, I was not able to fully appreciate the desserts because I was already brimming full from all those dishes above.

Chocolate Tart – Raspberry Jelly (Php260)

Pineapple Ravioli chili and sorbet (Php260)

Overall, I was literally in food coma after their opening. My tummy was stunned with a lot of food that was served that night. Sadly, there were a lot of leftovers but everyone was smiling from ear to ear as the event was a success both for Waterside and of course, for our tummies!

Thank you Waterside Restobar and Solaire Resorts and Casino for opening your doors to your grand opening. If I were in the area and looking for something fancy, I’d go with Waterside’s Grill selection for surely the whole family (also the gang) would love them. Better fill up our tummies with good food before lavishly spending all our dime in the slot machines.

Where are you going at this weekend?

Let’s swap ideas!

Waterside Restobar
Solaire Sky Tower
Solaire Resort & Casino,
Entertainment City, Aseana Avenue,
Tambo, Paranaque City

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