Zomato Food Run: Sugarhouse Glorietta

by Carol Ranas
8 minutes read
This is a continuation of our Zomato Food Run adventure. Zomato Food Run is quite similar to a food crawl, but the main difference is that we are crossing 3 different cities and trying out dishes from 5 different restaurants . We’re trying to conquer 3 prominent foodie location, BGC, Makati and Paranaque.

Our next stop is a dessert place which somehow wraps up our complete feast for the day. We dropped by Sugarhouse Glorietta. Just in time, Sugarhouse was celebrating their 33 years in business and we got to meet the owner. I never imagined that they have been serving good quality cakes and desserts for that long. I’ve been passing by the Sugarhouse branch in Glorietta for almost 8 years now, eversince I started working in Makati. I was able to try their cakes way back then, and they sure are good.

This time, I am happy because I get to taste all their bestseller desserts. Talk about sugar overkill, I don’t mind dying coz I know I’ll go to sugar heaven. 🙂

Here are some of the desserts we had that time:


It is a meringue with chocolate and cashews, similar to a chocolate sansrival. 

Honey Cake

This cake is one of the things I liked. It is a light vanilla chiffon cake topped with honey crunch. It went well with my cup of cappuccino.


Chocolate cake topped with lots and lots of chocolate meringue. 

Chocolate Truffle
Your ultimate chocolate cake. Not too sweet but definitely chocolate-y.

Almond Sansrival

Meringue with cream topped with a whole lot of almond slivers. 
Blueberry Cheesecake

Of course, A blueberry cheesecake will not be missing in a coffee store. Sugarhouse has a decent blueberry cheesecake.

Aside from cakes, they also have a wide variety of pastries and sweets to choose from. Below are some of the sweets we got try like yema balls, silvanas, apple pie and cream puffs.

Yema Balls


Creme Puffs

Apple Pie

I ordered a hot cappucino to go with all these yummy desserts. I was feeling a bit sleepy from all the carbs and sugars that I had consumed, so a quick caffeine fix is a warm welcome for me.


I did mention that we’ll be conquering 3 cities and 5 restaurants. Unfortuately, I was not able to make it through Serye in Paranaque. The will is strong, but my body is already weak from all the eating I did the whole day. Literally, my stomach was bursting.

Check out the other stops for the Zomato Food Run:

So that’s it for my Zomato Food Run experience. I had fun and gained a lot of happy calories after. Thank you Zomato for inviting me to join this adventure.

2nd Flr, Glorietta 3
Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati
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