Camping Hemels and Billy Birdpark Hemelrijk

by Carol Ranas
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I will share another camping experience with you last 2021. Per my last camping blogpost, we were taking it slow and trying out camping in different sites in the Netherlands before our camping tour to Switzerland for summer. As I was researching camping places (which is different from vacation parks), I leaned towards camping sites that are within arms reach to attractions. Our yearly Efteling visit was crossed out as an option this year for we were there last summer, so Kasthuevel campsites were out of the options.

Billybird Park Hemelrijk Be Carol Attraction

I have Billybird Park saved on my list in Google for amusement parks to see in the Netherlands. There was a new camping site opened just beside the park, Camping Hemels. I found out that you get free entrance to the park once you booked a slot in the campsite.


Camping Hemels is located in a small town in the south of Netherlands. The campsite is located adjacent the park, which is convenient if you have a kid. What is even more exciting is that they have access to a lake, which was shared with the park. 

The campsite is divided into sections, for the caravans and pitchers and for the glamping tents. If you must know, glamping means camping out without the worry of bringing your camping equipement, as it has been provided at the site. It is not similar to a hotel/house but you have a cozy room inside a big tent, which has been all arranged for you. Bathrooms are still shared and communal. 

Camping Hemels Be Carol

One more striking advantage of Camping Hemels is that during the summertime, the restaurant/bar in the site holds themed nights for its guests. They have campfires/BBQs by the lake, DJ party, paddle boarding by the lake and other activities which makes the stay more pleasant, if ever you got bored of all the rides/entertainment in the park.

As for me, it was perfect. My husband can work by the lake with a beer on hand, while mommy and the kid enjoys the park, and vice versa. It is a win-win situation for everyone. It is a bang for your buck because you get entrance to the park included in your stay.

Camping Hemels Be CArol

I think that a 4-5 day stay is good enough for the family (unless you had a blast at the park, and having BBQs and chilling by the lake, then the longer you stay, the more you realize that it is pure bliss)

The only con I think is that our pitch tent was squeezed in between caravans, I guess we were the only small family camper who pitches their own tent, as most of the guests there were seasonal caravan people. But I really didn’t mind because our neighbor that time were too kind. Our neighbouring caravan did not mind conversing in English and even introduced us to the mouthwatering Bosche bollen, which is by the way the renowned dessert of the region we were staying at. They drove to get it at the famous town in the city, brought it back and shared with us. Isn’t that the sweetest?


Billybird Park has a lot of locations across Netherlands, one of them is in Volkel, just beside the Lake Hemelrijk (hence the name). The location is massive, yet the attractions were pretty basic. 

Billybird Park Hemelrijk Be Carol

The park is divided into three parts, the attractions/rides, the indoor playground and the waterpark. The waterpark is a massive inflatable area which you pay a separate entrance fee. It requires one to have a swim diploma before entering the waterpark. The indoor playground is a big two level ball pit. It conveniently has a small cafe for parents to sit on and have coffee while watching their kid play. 

Billybird Park Hemelrijk Attraction Be Carol

The attractions/rides were basic, the typical ones you will see at a playground.  One unique thing about the park is that most of the rides were mechanical and manually driven. It was really a delight because you won’t worry of electrical machinery breaking and you have control of the speed. The downside is that the driver (aka the parent) gets more tired than the kid, especially when the kid wants to go more rounds on the ride. Let me share a video below of us having fun at Hemelrijk.

Overall, we had fun during our camping trip to Camping Hemels and Billybird Park Hemelrijk. I am loving the idea of nature and camping especially after moving here in Europe. The pandemic is sure opening up creative ideas for us to explore the Netherlands while being safe with social distancing and stuff. 

What do you love about camping? 

Share it in the comments below!

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