Wakeboard Fun at Republic Wakepark Nuvali

by Carol Ranas
7 minutes read
Soshi has been wanting to try Wakeboarding. On his birthday, I decided to treat him to a 4-hr wakepark experience. I asked my sister and his boyfriend to join us since they have been to Republic and Nuvali. We asked them to show us around Nuvali.

Republic Wakepark has a man-made lake with cables and ropings that is used for Wakeboarding. The facility is safe even for beginners, The staff and even the regulars are friendly and accommodating for struggling beginners.

Here’s a snapshot of their rates taken from their website.

You have to pay per hour plus the rent for wakeboard equipment, though the rent for wakeboard serves as a deposit and will be returned after. There are two areas in the park, the small one and a big one. The small one is a good place to start for beginners. The rope pulls at slower speed and can only accommodate one skater at a time due to its straight path. The bigger one for pro skaters which runs at a much faster speed which can accommodate around 8 skaters in one loop. The area includes some hurdles and ramps for tricks and exhibitions.

Alvin, my sister’s boyfriend had already tried Wakeboarding several times. Soshi was very excited when his turn came. He knew how to skate and was able to manage to surf so I guess Wakeboarding wouldn’t be as hard for him.

He had a hard fall at first, for he was still struggling with the cables and speed. But Soshi was able to get it the second time around. Woohoo! I’m so proud of him!

As for me, I didn’t dare try it. Though the water is just shallow, I was afraid of being pulled out of control by the cables. I’ve seen it through other beginners and I pictured mine would be much worse.

So I just let Soshi enjoy that day and took good pictures of him having fun.

We went there at around 10:00AM and the boys are exhausted by lunchtime. There’s a lunch break between 12:00NN -1:00PM and there’s only one restaurant inside the wakepark. You may opt to bring your own food and eat it in the car park or go out and head to Nuvali for more dining options. Since Soshi was too tired and hungry to drive, we decided to just have lunch there. 
The prices were a bit steep in my opinion, leaving diners limited options. The restaurant can get full during lunchtime. Since they cook the food once you order, you might have to wait a while. Here’s what we had for lunch:
There were a selection of pizza, pasta, and breakfast fares. The prices range starts from Php150 up for plated dishes. The food was filling and typically tasted okay. All of us opted for typical Filipino rice meals since we were all hungry and a bit exhausted because of the heat.

Birthday Treat

Republic has an ongoing promo for birthday celebrants. Free ride for 8 hours on the day of your birthday and the day after, that’s two days of free ride in total. You saved roughly a thousand and had eased your craving of adrenaline rush.

Soshi and I returned the next day to claim his free ride.

I was proud of Soshi because on the second day, He was able to try riding the pro area and was able to stand up and reach the quarter of the loop. It IS a biggie considering how fast and hard the course in the pro area.

How to go there?

Here’s a detailed map from the Republic website:

These two routes are the easiest way to go: 

-Via Mamplasan Southbound Exit

Turn right to Mamplasan exit
Turn right onto Greenfield Pkwy
Turn right onto Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road
Turn left onto Nuvali Boulevard after Solenad
Continue onto Nuvali Main Rd
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
Continue straight onto Nuvali Main Rd
Turn left

– Via Silangan Exit
Follow Silangan Industrial Park Road,
Turn right at C.A. Yulo Ave,
Enter Carmelray Gate at Caltex intersection, straight into Progress Ave,
Turn right into Wisdom Ave and Enter Nuvali Gate

Republic WakePark
West Diversity Boulevard, Nuvali, Calamba, Laguna
Like their Facebook page
Follow them on Twitter: @rwakepark
and Instagram: @republicwakepark

Have you tried Wakeboarding? 

Share your experience in the comments below!

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