Enjoy the last days of Summer in Baguio City [Photo Dump]

by Carol Ranas
9 minutes read
Luckily, I was able to spend my last weeks of summer in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Thanks to Azalea Residences Baguio, I enjoyed our three whole days of stay in Baguio.

Here are some shots taken during our Baguio Group Getaway hosted by Azalea Residences. We went to a lot of places in Baguio and took a lot of photos.

Harrison Night Market

We went to the Night Market as soon as we came. Baguio is really a haven for thrift shop lovers. There wer a lot of pretty items sold for less than Php100. I was able to buy a pretty blouse for just Php20!

La Trinidad Stawberry Fields

It was one fine day to stroll in the fields

juicy strawberries sold in the stalls near the fields

We went to the Strawberry Fields at La Trinidad to pick some fresh strawberries. Unfortunately, most of the fields are empty and some of them are already being replaced by lettuces. I guess most strawberries were harvested already.

lettuce field

Before leaving the strawberry fields, we didn’t miss trying the Strawberry flavored dirty ice cream and Strawberry taho.

Rose Garden

These shots were taken at Rose Garden. It was a long winding road down to the hidden rose garden. Most of the flowers we saw were white and yellow ones. The red roses were nowhere to be seen.

The flowers were a hip height so we have to crouch down to get these beautiful shots. All bloggers were enjoying themselves taking pictures in these vast field of pretty white flowers.

My shots turned out to be quite awesome thanks to Justin. There’s not much roses to be seen in the garden. According to the caretakers, the roses were harvested early and shipped to Manila.

Bencab Museum

When in Baguio, it is a must to drop by and appreciate our local artists work at the Bencab Museum. You’ll see a lot of interesting art pieces and paintings. Soshi and I often miss going there because they are usually closed on Mondays.

Unfortunately, the painting that was highlighted in the movie “That thing called Tadhana” was already sold. So I settled taking a artsy shot with this abstract painting.

After admiring the art works and paintings, you can cool and take a break at Cafe Ysabel. It is a quaint cafe with a breathtaking view.

Thank you Azalea Residences Baguio for that wonderful group getaway. We enjoyed our weekend full of activities and sight seeing in Baguio. Thank you to my roomie, Justin for the awesome solo shots!

There are still a lot of places to discover in Baguio. Soshi and I frequent Baguio City to get our coffee beans and a few produce as well. I can’t wait to share with you the places we can discover there.

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