TaiOne Greenhills: A taste of Taiwanese Food

by Carol Ranas
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The Taiwanese culture have been gaining waves in the country eversince the Asianovela explosion in the entertainment industry. Now Filipinos are embracing the unique flavors of the Taiwanese cuisine as more specialty restaurants are opening up in the Metro. I was luck to be invited for a foodie meetup at TaiOne restaurant at Promenade Greenhills.

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TaiOne is located at the corner of the new wing in Promenade Greenhills. It may be hard to find among the sea of restaurants at the Promenade, but the place is accessible to the condominium residents around the area. They have been offering Taiwanese and Chinese dishes for quite some time now.

Here are some of the dishes we tried during our Zomato Foodie Meetup at TaiOne:

Three Treasures Beef  Noodles Php 348

What is really outstanding in the Taiwanese cuisine is how their Beef Noodles are so rich and savory. Each Taiwanese restaurant I’ve tried had a different taste in their broth. TaiOne’s Three Treasure Beef Noodles have a distinct savory taste and fresh thick noodles.

The serving size of their noodles is quite big, similar to the ramen shops in the metro. Here are the other type of noodles that my fellow foodies enjoyed:

Curry Beef Noodles Php328

Mala Beef Noodles Php318

Aside from Beef noodles, TaiOne also have their own take to several Asian dishes staples like dumplings, fried rice and others. My favorite is their Panfried Pork Dumplings for it is light and definitely tasty.

Panfried Pork Dumplings Php168

One thing TaiOne boasts is their selection of powder seasoning that goes well with their Chicken Steak. You can choose which powder flavoring/seasoning to go with the chicken steak.

TaiOne Chicken Steak Php218

The default powder seasonging for teh chicken steak is the salt and pepper combo, but you can ask their staff about the different flavors available. And if you loved it so much, you can also buy a bottle of these as well.

Different types of powder seasoning

We were served three types of fried rice, but what I was diggin for that time is their Satay Fried Rice. It has that savory flavor and chunks of meat which makes it almost a complete meal. The serving is enough for sharing or if you are that hungry, you can scarf it down by yourself.

Satay Fried Rice Php

3 Cup Chicken Php248

TaiOne also has the signature Taiwanese dish staple 3 Cups Chicken, which was ultimately good. I loved how the flavors in these dish mesh with each other, creating an interesting savory taste. They also have the Teppan Tofu in Black Pepper sauce, silk tofu in a rich sauce on top of vegetables perfect for the non-meat lovers; and Granpa Stir fry Noodles which is quite similar to our Pancit Bihon Guisado.

Teppan Tofu with Black Pepper Sauce

Granpa Stirfry Noodles

As for Desserts, TaiOne serves traditional Taiwanese desserts such as Sweet Tofu and Grass Jelly where you get to select which toppings you want to go along with it.

Grass Jelly with Cream Ball and Two Toppings Php148

Sweet Tofu in Special Black Syrup Php148

Their desserts are simple, just enought to curb your sweet tooth or to sweetly end the meal. Thank you Zomato for another enjoyable and happy tummy experience at TaiOne.

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Ground Floor, Promenade
Greenhills, San Juan
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