C’Italian Dining: the Pioneers of the Panizza

by Carol Ranas
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Panizza is a derivative of a pizza and a panini. It is made of thin crust pizza cut into strips which are topped with arugula and alfalfa sprouts and hand rolled like pinwheels. Panizza is a new concept for me late last year when I first tried it here. My favorite thin crust pizza eaten in a different way is much more better and Panizzas ultimately became my favorite kind of pizza.

C’Italian Dining is one of the frontrunners of Panizza in the country. They started at Angeles, Pampanga and have proud of their panizza since 2004. Now, they have 2 different branches in the metro, one in Salcedo Village and one in Ortigas, Now on its first year, C’Italian Dining Salcedo have been truly a gem in this highly upscale community.

C’Italian Dining Salcedo

C’Italian Dining in Salcedo Village has that posh rustic interior which makes the restaurant the classy kind considering its location. I have been seeing them there, but somehow they exude first class in every corner of their restaurant. Despite all these first impression, C’Italian Dining t is quite the opposite of what I have perceived.

I was lucky to be invited for a Foodie Meetup at C’Italian Dining Salcedo. I looked it up and found out that they serve Italian food so I prepped my tummy for good pizza and pasta.

While waiting for the food, we were offered drinks and a complimentary bread basket. Italians are fond of bubbly drinks so I opted for their Kiwi Italian soda and it tasted nice.

Italian Sodas (Watermelon, Lychee, Kiwi and Cherry)

The bread basket is a nice offering while waiting for the panizza. The bread was soft and nicely warm. I was cautious not to consume much so I could make more room for their panizza and pasta.

Complimentary Bread Basket
C’Italian Dining is one of the pioneers of the panizza. I was excited to try their panizzas. We tried almost all their panizzas namely Angelico, Jando, Kar Michael, Rolls Royce and Kristina, which happened to become my favorite.
Angelico (Php300/solo)

Jando (Php270/solo)

Kar Michael (new panizza!)

Kristina (Php280/solo)

Rolls Royce (Php 360/solo)

Aside from Panizzas, A restaurant that serves Italian dishes will not be complete without a good selection of pastas. Though I love a great truffle pasta, My heart is torn from their truffle pasta and seafood linguine in pomodoro sauce.

Linguine Al Fruitti di Mare (Php310/solo)

Linguine al Tartufo e Proscuitto (Php390/solo)

Penne Roberto (Php320/solo)

Spaghetto con Polpette (Php270)

C’Italian Dining also have main dishes that will complete a good satisfying meal. Imagine we were served a half kilo of flank steak which made our eyes popped and our mouth salivate even more. That half kilo of Flank Steak was a combination of medium rare and almost well done.

half kilo Angus beef Flank Steak (Php1790)

Tuscan Roasted Chicken (Php470/half chicken)

When asked what our favorite Italian food is, almost all foodies liked the risotto so C’Italian whipped up a special seafood risotto for us. Yay!

Seafood Risotto (not on the menu)

Even though we’re almost full, foodies never fail to leave room for desserts. We tried C’Italian Dining’s dessert selection. I loved the tartness of the lemon cheesecake, which for me is ultimately yum!

Tiramisu (Php210)

Lemon Cheesecake (Php230)

Overall, C’Italian Dining offers good and affordable Italian dishes. Imagine, dining in a posh restaurant which serves good and well proportioned Italian dishes for just around Php300! I think that they are one (of a very few) restaurants that offers affordable dining option in Salcedo Village. I’d gladly ask my date to bring me here for a date or even bring future clients to wine and dine to make a good impression without breaking the bank much.

Because C’Italian Dining is really a good find (and near our office), I invited our management team to have an intimate dinner at their Salcedo branch to celebrate the fourth of July. Thanks to their Manager, Sir Jojo for being nice and accomodating to our group.

So, What is your favorite Italian dish? Share it in the comments below!

C’Italian Dining

L’ Ermitage Apartments, 115 L. P. Leviste Corner Toledo Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
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