Feel the love at Agape Pastries and Tartines

by Carol Ranas
10 minutes read
Agape is a Greek word which means selfless and unconditional love. It is considered the highest form of love and it is the kind of love we receive from God. It was inspiring to know that there are restaurants built on the concept of Agape or selfless love.

When I met the owner of Agape Pastries and Tartines, she enthusiastically retold the story behind e . It was a story that’s worth an MMK episode. I won’t go into full details, but instead, I’ll indulge you with the details of the dishes we tried that night.

After our pampering sesh at the newly opened KitcheNails Trinoma, Team Aldous headed to Congressional to have a late dinner at Agape Pastries and Tartines. Agape is considered a refuge for people looking for some spark and inspiration to go through life.


Agape specializes in French fusion cuisine. They make use of organic ingredients to ensure the quality of the flavors are top notch. Here are some of the dishes we were able to try that night:


We were given a basket of hot chips with dip while waiting for the dishes. First ones to arrive were their salads. Their salads tasted fresh and appetizing.

Spicy Prawn with Papaya Salad (Php150)
I liked the Spicy Prawn Salad more than the other just because I love Thai cuisine. The Spicy Prawn Salad reminded me of a Thai Papaya Salad.
Green Salad with Pears (Php150)


Agape is known for their interesting selection of tartines. The inspiration to include the tartines in the menu came all the way from a posh cafe in Manhattan where the owner frequents to.

Beer Battered Fish Tartines (Php250)

 Their tartines are actually good and very filling. You can taste the quality of the ingredients they used. I specially enjoyed munching on the beer battered fish tartines.

Smoked Salmon Tartines (Php395)


Aside from pastries and tartines, Agape offers artisan pizzas as well. Their pizzas are similar to panizzas, which is thin flat bread pizzas which you can roll and  stuff with sprouts and greens.

Dan McCune Pizza (Php375)

Gamberri Pizza (Php340)

Margherita Pizza (Php290)

Three Cheese and Herb Pizza (Php320)


They may have limited selection of pastas and mains, but Agape made sure that all of them taste great.

Sardine in Olive oil (Php200)
These two pasta dishes are family recipe of the owners. Both of them take pride of these dishes, no wonder they taste divine.

Marie Gambasetti (Php250)

 This salmon dish was part of their Valentine’s menu.


Their desserts are mostly the pastries you can buy. They have an assortment of muffins, tarts, pies, chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, etc..

Choco Chip, Ducle de Leche, Mango and Bavarian Muffin (Php90 each)
Their tarts are truly delicious, specially the Creme Brulee tart. DON’T MISS ordering this tart because their tarts are up par to those egg tarts in Macau. THEY ARE TRULY DIVINE!

Creme Brulee tarts (Php40), Choco lava tarts(Php50) and Bonbons(Php25)

Overall, Agape Pastries and Tartines is one restaurant that will make you feel good after dining. The restaurant exudes some positive vibes that everyone of us needs. The dishes were already tasty. It’ll be one dining experience you’ll look forward to.

Where do you love eating?

Agape Pastries and Tartines
Ground Floor, Chimes Square 
Congressional Ave. Extension cor. Mira Nila, QC
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