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by Carol Ranas
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It’s been a while since I went a foodie meetup. Work and wedding preparations had filled up my schedule for the whole month of February. An invite for a foodie meetup from Zomato was a nice break for me to unwind after a stressful work week.

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The foodie meetup was at Taisho Ramen in SM Light Mandaluyong. It was the second branch as the first branch is located at Skydome, SM North Edsa. Their interiors resembles to a typical Japanese restaurant. They have an open kitchen where you can see how they prepare your ramen.

Here are the dishes we tried that night:


Kani Salad (Php170)
Kani Salad is a salad variant that I love, and Taisho’s version tasted nice. The wasabi-mayo dressing did not have a hint of wasabi.

Pork and Beef Gyoza (Php185)
It was hard to distinguish which one was the pork gyoza over the beef  gyoza because their taste is quite similar, maybe because they were fried on the same pan as where they stirfry their teppan? I find their gyoza a bit greasier than other gyozas I have tasted.

Rocky Roll
These two rolls are new items on their menu for they just recently introduced rolls. If you want a spicier kick without the help of the wasabi, I suggest you get the Rocky Roll. 

Taisho Wafu

You can select from Ramen and Teppanyaki as your main dishes in Taisho. Taisho tries to offer new dishes that their customer suggests every now and then. We were able to try some of the new items they have.
Chahan Rice (Single serving, Php185)
Chahan is the Japanese version of fried rice, which is my ultimate comfort food. Their Chahan Rice was good, just way expensive in my opinion.

Gyudon and Yakiramen are some of the new items you can try. Their Gyudon was different for it has raw egg on top. Better mix this dish immediately so the egg can be cooked along with the meat and pipping hot rice. The Yakiramen reminded me of our good ol’ Pancit Canton,  it was oozing with sauce which made it savoringly good. 


Chicken Teriyaki (Php275)
I can’t comment much on the Tonkatsu Kare because I don’t like curry dishes in general. I just took a bite and then moved to the next dish. As for the Chicken Teriyaki, It was good, I liked it. The chicken was marinated real good because the teriyaki flavor seeped in to its meat.

Tonkatsu Kare 

You can actually see how your ramen because there’s a ramen bar where all the ramen is being prepared. In my opinion, all their ramen tasted the same, the only differentiating factor are the items added/topped in the ramen.
Miso Ramen (Php325)

Tonkotsu Ramen (Php315)

Takana Ramen (Php325)
I like a spicy ramen, and the Karamen is a hit. I’ve been trying to limit my spicy food intake because of my gastroenteritis. Dang, my stomach is trying to regulate my glutton desires.
Karamen (Php330)
For dessert, they only have the Kakigoori as an option. It is the Japanese version of flavored shaved ice. You can choose from different syrup flavors like Strawberry (pictured below), Melon, Peach and Grapes. I wish they could offer other Japanese dessert option like matcha ice cream for example.
Kakigoori (Php80)
Overall, You can’t compare Taisho Ramen with the big chain Japanese restaurants dominating the Japanese cuisine food scene. Their prices may seem competitive, but the taste of their dishes is quite different. One thing to note, go with Taisho’s teppanyaki dishes. They are tasty and will give you a bang for your buck. 
What is your favorite Japanese dish?
Taisho Ramen and Teppanyaki House
Ground Flr, SM Light Mall
EDSA cor Madison St, Mandaluyong
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