Mongkok Dimsums and Noodles: More of our beloved Cantonese Cuisine at their Glorietta branch

by Carol Ranas
9 minutes read
Mongkok Glorietta is one of the restaurants that has been relocated at the second floor of  the new Glorietta wing. Mongkok has a wide array of menu that caters our favorite Cantonese comfort food, ranging from different type of dumplings, braised meats, noodle dishes and a lot more.

Once you pass by Mongkok, after shopping (or window shopping) around Glorietta, you’ll notice big groups of diners, mostly families enjoying their meal there.Which makes you wonder what dishes can you try there? Don’t be intimidated with their menu, for there are a lot of selections. Here’s a breakdown of the things we tried at Mongkok Glorietta during our Zomato Foodie Meetup:

Mongkok offers a wide array of Dimsums, here are some that we tried, including my favorite Hakaw!

Hakaw  (Php90)

Mongkok Siomai (Php90)

Fried Shrimp Ball (Php90)

Seaweed and Crab Stick Roll (Php90)
Seafood Roll (Php105)

Pan fried Shanghai Dumpling (Php 90)
Aside from those mouthwatering Dimsums, Mongkok also have a good selection of Cantonese main dishes, from our favorite Crispy Pata down to my favorite Chinese Style fried rice.

Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style (Php280)

Qing Dao Spareribs (Php290)

Crispy Pata (Php490)

Seafood with Taosi (Php290)

Salt and Pepper Squid (Php280)

Shrimp with Radish Cake (Php290)

Mongkok Special Fried Rice (Php200)

Mongkok have been so generous that night, they let us taste their newest Jin Pao, pan fried siopao! Who doesn’t like a good and savory siopao?

Jin Pao (Php 85)

Of course, a good meal won’t be complete without desserts. Mongkok has a limited choices of desserts. But fret not, these will surely satiate your sweet tooth without overdosing your self with sugar sweetness.

Mango Puree with Tapioca Balls

Almond and Lychee dessert
Bring the gang and your family for a good hearty meal at Mongkok Gloriettta. I’ll surely go back with Soshi so he can also try the dishes that both have been our favorites since growing up. I mean, Cantonese cuisine have been my comfort food ever since I’ve been a student, it feels nice to relieve those memories.

I always enjoy Zomato Foodie Meetups because not only for the good food but also for the fun company with fellow foodies. Thank you Zomato for another fun Foodie Meetup! Thank you Mongkok Glorietta for being so generous, you never let us leave until we are brimming full.

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What are your favorite Cantonese dishes?

Mongkok Dimsum and Nodles
Second Floor, Glorietta 2,
Ayala Center, Makati City
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