Splashing Fun at Mananap River

by Carol Ranas
6 minutes read
Next stop for my summer vacation at Camarines Norte would be getting to see the Mananap Falls. The falls had been the talk of the town here in San Vicente. You shouldn’t leave without taking a peak of the Mananap Falls.

I was really looking forward to a trekking experience and seeing the Mananap Falls for the first time. I have read some blogs telling stories about the breathtaking view of the falls. So I was really grumpy when I found out that we weren’t going to the falls, and we were just going Mananap River. Joel tried to talked me out that we’ll still see the Falls, but not this time because no one was available to help us with the trail, and it had been years before Joel got to see the falls. I pacified my grumpiness and agreed, thinking that Tatay (Joel’s grandfather) wouldn’t be able to do the trekking and we wouldn’t want to leave him there with our things.

The Mananap River is not as bad as I have expected. The view is naturally nice. You can smell nature all over the place. The water is crystal clear, that you can even drink it. (But with precautions necessary.) I certainly enjoyed swimming in the river than on the beach. The water was soo cold that it complements the summer heat

We set up our things at the top of a cliff near the river because Tatay opt not to get a cottage.  We eventually got tired of going around and crossing the hanging bridge before taking a dip to the river, that we decided to just jump off the cliff directly to the river. It was scary because there are plenty of hidden stones (that may cause our sudden death) and the water on that part is quite deep (and I dunno how to swim!).

Eventually, I managed to ask Joel to rescue me when I jump (just in case I drowned myself). with Joel waiting down the river with the floatables, I eased up and JUMPED! It was so much fun jumping the cliff that I tried it THRICE!! This has been one of my favorite experience in this vacation. I will surely be proud of myself (and this will be on my wackiest things I did during my youth).

There is a nice view of the forest that I can’t help posing for some nice pictures.

 I’ll definitely go back to finally see the falls, and I’ll definitely try to jump off the cliff again. Hopefully, I won’t chicken out this time.

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